Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lovelace in 200 Words or Less

First things first, I think Amanda Seyfried's great in the movie. Weird how I feel like I need to make that clear - I feel strangely protective of her for some reason, even though she's always flaunting her hot-man-hopping ways and making me crazy with jealousy. (To be her, not to have her, of course.) Anyway Mandy's really good as the most famous larynx'd lady in all the world - she's sweet and sad and sweetly sadly sexy too; believably gullible when she needs to be, and dark eyed with cynicism when that hope's all but broken - in a movie that never really seems sure of what it is or where it's going. The double-back structure is clever, that's not my problem with it - the movie just seems distracted by surface even once the darkness rolls in. It never feels like it's asking the right questions, if that makes sense.There's this flat sense of inevitability and obviousness that it never overcomes, and so too much rides out perfunctorily instead of scooping you up by the balls and (dare I? I dare) going deep.


will h said...

Pretty much my thoughts. Seyfried is GREAT, and hopefully this will be a good calling card for her. The structure of the movie was really interesting. But it feels very familiar in some ways.

Peter Sarsgaard's underpants get an A+ though.

Waterloo said...

Amanda Seyfriend knows what Dominic Cooper's penis tastes like. She is my idol.

gregory brown said...

I enjoyed this film. few among the audience had seen DEEP THROAT and I think that diminished their understanding of the significance of DT as well as Lovelace's plight.

I saw DT from the projection booth at the Westwood Theater in Toledo OH. Couples walked out every few minutes and I speculated whether they were disgusted or heated up.

My suggestion that Ragtag Cinema here in Columbia MO should show DT was given a hearing--until I said it could become an audience participation event like ROCKY HORROR PICURE SHOW. My friends there rolled their eyes.