Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Third [REC]'s a Charmer

Much more in the vein of Shaun of the Dead or Evil Dead II - both of which it slyly (and sometimes outright) references - than the previous pair of straight-forward horror films that've made up the [REC] series so far, [REC]3: Genesis is all the more fun for it. I'm certainly not knocking [REC] or [REC]2, both of which I find marvelously effective, but everything - from tone to shooting style - is up for grabs in this here third entry and it keeps the series fresh and vital right around the time that zombies are really beginning to feel beyond undead. 

There's not really anything that will shake you to your core a la those fleeting glimpses of the girl in the attic in the first movie, or mess with your mind the way the revelation of these ghouls unholy nature did in the second. But you don't really care once the bride uses a chainsaw to cut her gown in half, you know? The characters are fun and it riffs on its setting of a destination wedding in smart ways - it is always the drunk uncle who starts the ball rolling, innit? And it nudges open the world of the movies ever so slightly, while at the same time making fun of itself for it. Seek this one out! (It's playing on demand right now.)


iggy said...

I knew you'd like it. It's a very smart to continue the saga without repeating themselves. Love, love its sense of humor.

If there's one big flaw is that there was no way to fully appreciate the groom's ass. I think you'll agree with me in that it would've been great.

(NSFW, duh)



Jason Adams said...

YES. iggy you're amazing. There was an early shot of him with his shirt off (during the engagement video) that gave me hope, but then nada. He's a looker.

shaun said...

Ha, I knew the bulk of the comments would be about the groom being a hottie. I, too, sought out pics of him afterward and was more than pleased. Thanks for those, Iggy.