Friday, June 15, 2012

I Am Link

--- Baby Burster - The week is over and I haven't written squat about Prometheus and I am ashamed. Let's see how today goes, maybe I can spit something out. (Although I have a half-day so prospects are dim.) Anyway I loved this very personal piece by Thelma Adams on the film's most insanely riveting sequence, which I could write thousands of words on if I were still in college doing such things. (Ahh those were the days.)

--- Space Epic - I didn't read this myself since I like knowing as little as possible but a plot description for Neil Blomkamp's follow-up to District 9, the long secretive Elysium, has finally found its way online, you can read it over here if you dare. It stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster and District star Sharlto Copley, amongst others.

--- Murder By Theron - Charlize Theron's next movie sounds like it could be fun - it's called Murder Mystery and in her own words it's "an affectionate deconstruction of an Agatha Christie-style thriller." DH says it's about "an American couple on honeymoon who become implicated in a murder they witness." Right up my alley. Especially the "starring Charlize Theron" part. Sounds like a Grace Kelly type deal for her, maybe? I hope so - I like her best all glamazoned up. It'll be directed by Best Exotic Marigold and Shakespeare in Love director John Madden.

--- Crash Into Neal - One of my best friends is a huge fan of Neal Stephenson's books but I've never read any of them. His book Snow Crash has just been picked up to be turned into a movie by Attack the Block's Joe Cornish. Should I read it? I had issues with Attack the Block but they've lessened somewhat with time since so much of it really does work wonderfully. Such awesomely original monsters.

--- A Singer Of Songs - Looks like attractive yet obnoxious song-man Adam Levine has decided to become an actor, or at least a person who sings on film - he's taken a lead role in the new movie from the director of the wonderful Once. It's called A Song Can Save Your Life and his female co-star is Keira Knightley, and it also stars Mark Ruffalo and True Grit's Haillee Steinfeld. Have we heard Keira sing before? And will Adam show his arse? Stay tuned.

--- All Of Them Bitches - The Witches of Eastwick week continues at The Film Experience with a look at some more Veronica Cartwright, this time in reference to how snubbed she was awards-wise.

--- Hammer Time - Speaking of time itself, Spike Lee's Oldboy remake still hasn't gotten a green light even though he's got much of the cast in line. Lee hopes to start filming in the Fall though. I can't imagine what's keeping a major motion picture studio from green-lighting a story about explicit incest and torture.

--- Great Men
- EW has a couple new pictures from Baz Luhrmann's movie of The Great Gatsby, which I think I'm one of like ten people who are more excited about in the wake of its enormous bloated ridiculous trailer.

--- Fall Man - I've posted about Jacques Audiard's new movie Rust & Bone so much - specifically, regarding Matthias Schoenaerts' nakedness, natch - that it seems crazy to read today that it's not getting a US release until November 16th, but there it is. I assume it's out earlier in France though.

--- Zombie Slayer - I haven't seen any of the Resident Evil movies since the terrible second one (I love the first movie though) but everybody's going bonkers for the just released trailer for the fifth film, which has me curious. I mean, would I actually have to go watch all the other movies to have a sense of what's going on first? Is that even possible? Anyway I really love Milla Jovovich and I'm glad she makes money - I wish she'd get more real work, because she's a genuinely talented actress.


Ilka said...

That "best friend" better be me. Unless you have another totally cool best friend. Go read Anathem!!!

Jason Adams said...

LOL I was hoping you'd read that! I'll add it to the pile, and then the pile will fall over, and I will be trapped.

Ilka said...

If I ever had to guess how you would die, 'trapped under a pile of books' would be at the top of the list.

bcarter3 said...

"Snow Crash" is a classic, and a great read. It was published in 1992--the dawn of the internet--and anticipated a lot of what came later (although it assumed the net would be dominated by virtual reality, which hasn't happened yet). The US government has shrunk to next to nothing, w/private firms running most civic functions. America is pretty much washed up, but still leads the world in "movies, music, and high-speed pizza delivery."


Synonymous said...

Regarding Resident Evil: I recall you named the fourth one one of your worst movie experiences of 2011. Maybe it was so bad it mercifully wiped itself from your mind.

gregory brown said...

Definitely read SNOW CRASH. None of Sephenson's other books work for me the way that does, but some are fun. I spent an entire summer swimming around in the multi-volume BAROQUE CYCLE and didn't regret it, though I had to get away to other things time to time.

gerda said...

Charlize Theron dressed to the nines sashaying into a hotel lobby with a well-groomed Jon Hamm on her arm (saw them together on Graham Norton last week)? Yes please!

God, I hope they're that type of American couple and not the scrunchy and sweatpants kind.

Mac said...

How completely over-cooked is that Gatsby trailer. Sheesh!