Thursday, April 19, 2012

Who Wore It Best?

Pimp Daddy Vamp Cane?

Jonathan Frid as the original Barnabas Collins, or
Ben Cross in the 90s version of Dark Shadows?
And RIP Jonathan Frid - it seems whenever a famous vampire dies we're tempted to make undead jokes... and let this be no different. I mean he died on Friday the 13th! Somebody man that coffin, stat. 

I've never seen any of the original Dark Shadows - my mother was a huge fan, though. So when the 90s version with Cross came on we watched that together and I remember enjoying it but I haven't seen it since then. Which brings us to the upcoming Tim Burton version - I've admitted this before but I'm like one of five people on the internet that actually really loved the trailer. Which was unexpected! I was all set to hate it based off of pictures. I'm not including Johnny Depp in this poll though because we haven't seen the movie yet, it could be a cinematic abortion a la everything else Burton's made for the past decade or so. We'll have to see if he's worthy of that pimp cane or not.


Rob K. said...

Very sad to hear Frid passed away. Very good actor - he sometimes forgot his lines but made for an excellent vampire.

Honestly, that trailer made me mad. I love the original show and Burton's going to fuck it up just like he's been fucking everything else up. Some of the more droll humor is fine but all that CGI slapstick stuff looks so, so stupid. General rule: CGI is generally just a ha-ha killer.

Pannyxeos said...

I actually loved the trailer for the movie and am now looking forward to the movie's release. I don't think Burton's lost his touch entirely. I quite like his version of Sweeney Todd.