Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stuff Your Stockings With Slashers


I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago when Final Girl Stacie Ponder announced this thing's existence, but that was before I got my hot hands on a hot copy of my own and plowed straight through it, and then plowed straight through it again, laughing my fool's head off the whole way - y'all owe it to yourselves to head over here and snatch up a copy of her mini-comic Slashers 101. In it she tells us all we'd ever need to know about the slasher movies of the 70s and 80s - she does dip back to the precursors and tilt forward up to the present day as well, but its focus is on the genre's heady heyday - and she does so with her usual awesomely deranged panache. It is a delight from first to last page, you guys. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I will not even attempt to box in its awesomeness with tiny concepts like "words" because it is so much better than I could do it justice, and I want Stacie to make a Part II, and a Part III, and a Part IV: The Beginning, and a Part V: Ponder Lives! So forth. Go buy ten copies and give them to everybody you know. If you are at all intimately involved with me, know you will be getting a copy of it for your birthday and/or first communion. (Alice Sweet Alice shout-out!) And it's only five dollars, y'all. Five dollars! You can't even get a decent handjob for that anymore, and this is so much better than a lousy handjob. (You can quote me on that, Stacie.) And if you pay ten dollars, not only will you get the book but Miss Ponder will give you a drawing of your own choosing on the book's back cover. I won't tell you what I got, but they are the greatest things I have ever seen with my eyes, lemme tell ya what.

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