Friday, October 21, 2011

Everybody Loves Carey


And why wouldn't they? I thought she was terrific in An Education, aka the movie where everybody first saw her and thought she was terrific, but I knew she was something special when she showed up outta the blue at the screening of Never Let Me Go that I went to see and introduced the film to us all on her lonesome. Any chick who'd do that gets a lifetime induction into the MNPP Fanclub. She has yet to not astound me - indeed her performance opposite Fassy in Shame is the best thing she's done yet, and so I only quiver with awe at what's to come. And what's to come? Well after The Great Gatsby with Baz Luhrmann she appears to lining up projects with oh just the Coens and Spike Jonze, that's all. Says Slash:

"Mulligan is set to play the female lead in Inside Llewyn Davis, the Coens’ Scott Rudin-produced story about a folk musician in ’60s Greenwich Village. The project reunites her with Drive co-star Oscar Isaac, who was just cast as the title character. Details on her character are scarce, but considering the subject matter it seems possible she’ll get a chance to show off the vocal talents she recently demonstrated in Shame. Mulligan will begin work on Inside Llewyn Davis in February, after she wraps The Great Gatsby.

Things are a little less certain with the other project, from director Spike Jonze and writer Charlie Kaufman. Mulligan is only in talks at this point, but if she finalizes the deal she’ll be co-starring opposite Joaquin Phoenix. The satire, which is being produced by Megan Ellison (The Master), revolves around world leaders getting together to talk about issues ranging from oil prices to impending wars."


Adam said...

It's always funny when somebody's box office poison, but it's even funnier when they can't act. And aren't pretty.

Anonymous said...

I think she is a good actress but I don't like looking at her. You know what I mean? shes not ugly but I can't stand looking at her.