Monday, September 12, 2011

We'll Be Having Some Old Friends For Dinner

While there's always been a morbid tinge to Bryan Fuller's shows - Jaye very seriously contemplated the fact that she might be completely out of her mind when the tchotchkes started talking to her in Wonderfalls, the starting point in Dead Like Me was our protagonist getting killed by space sewage, and Pushing Daisies' pie-sweetness was tempered by that terrible wake of constant murder - he's never properly dived head-first into straight-up horror. We here round MNPP have long known he was a fan of the genre, and hoped he might... well look at this!

"If Hannibal Rising did not sate your appetite to see the early days of Hannibal Lecter, then a television series might be the answer for you.

French production outfit Gaumont is launching a Los Angeles branch and it is working with Pushing Daisies' Bryan Fuller to create Hannibal, a one-hour television series exploring Lecter's early days, namely his time going head-to-head with FBI agent Will Graham.

The back story between the two characters was lightly explored in Thomas Harris' novel "Red Dragon" and the films Manhunter and Red Dragon. Martha De Laurentiis - of Hannibal Rising and Red Dragon - will produce the show."

Who would be your dream casting for the young Hannibal Lecter? I still haven't seen Hannibal Rising, but that didn't stop me from going and finding a bunch of pictures of Gaspard Ulliel, the Frenchie that played him in that movie, anyway. See them after the jump...

You can see several more shots of Gaspard here.


homeslaughter said...

What about The Munsters?

Jason Adams said...

I cut that bit out of the info at the link when I brought it over here but it does mention he's "also developing" that, so I guess we'll see what flies. Maybe both! That'd rule - we've been FAR too long without him.

Dale said...

I've only seen about two minutes of Hannibal Rising, but Gaspard Ulliel really stood out to me in A Very Long Engagement. I'd like to see him in other things.

shawnp said...

and we were cheated of seeing him and Elias McConnell hook up.
damn you Van Sant!
damn you to HELL!