Thursday, June 02, 2011

Quote of the Day


"I remember saying, 'What if we wear tube socks, and I'll go up on the wall, and you'll come from behind me.' And I said in the scene, 'Say my name,' and Michael says, 'Ben!' And I say, 'No! Say my Christian name,' and he whispers, 'Benjamin,' and that's when I came." -- Bradley Cooper recalling getting intimate with Michael Ian Black in Wet Hot American Summer. (via)


Jason Adams said...

Can I just say that I never noticed until right now how GIGANTIC Cooper's feet look next to Michael Ian Black's teeny tiny ones in that second shot? It's like he;'s got a Keebler Elf on his back.

M. Hufstader said...

This just made my life.

Sean said...

I can't stand Michael Ian Black. He thinks he is so superior and funny. Gag. I don't want to see him f*cking anyone.