Thursday, December 09, 2010

And Speaking Of Early Screenings...

... Slash has word that the Sundance Film Festival will be holding special screenings around the country on January 27th of certain films they're premiering at the festival in Utah. Slash has got all the info but I'm just going to focus in on the one that makes a difference to me (because I matter most duh) - Gregg Araki's Kaboom will be showing at BAM that night.

No word at BAM's website on the screening just yet, I imagine it'll be posted right around the time I momentarily forget to check and the tickets will evaporate before I remember again, that's how these things tend to happen. Still Kaboom's been sitting around without a release date for a little while now from what I can tell so again, this'll be one to try and check into if possible since who knows when, ya know? Yeah.

You can see my previous posts on Kaboom here.

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