Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good Morning, World


Watched Dreamscape last night. I'd heard so much about it in the wake of Inception that I figured I ought to get around to it. It's one of those movies that would've freaked me out when I was a kid - Snake Man!

(Fighter of the Night Man?) But just sorta bored me here as an adult. Made me realize a couple of things though. One - I don't think I'd ever seen Kate Capshaw in anything other than Temple of Doom before. (And now that I've looked at her IMDb page I know that to be a fact.) And two - every movie's made better by having that freak David Patrick Kelly in it.



SeangSTM said...

You haven't seen Spacecamp? Shame! lol

Its a crap movie, but I think it may be the highest profile one she made outside of Speilberg. Perhaps Black Rain.

Never made it through Dreamscape as a child...purely out of boredom. Not worth retrying, I gather...

Jason Adams said...

I realized I hadn't seen that just this morning while looking thru her credits. I don't know how I missed these movies as a kid. I guess I was too busy watching Outrageous Fortune over and over and over again.

dagnabbit said...

Dreamscape ROCKED when I was in high school. Saw it again a coupla years ago and...yeah it hasn't aged so well.