Monday, April 26, 2010

One Two Platinum Dunes Makes Poo


The Nightmare on Elm Street reboot - brought to you by the same folks that somehow managed to murder the Friday the 13th franchise - is out in four days. I've been mum on it lately because I'm holding my breath, afraid to move, lest my own cautious optimism crumble before me. I didn't really like the first couple of trailers that I saw, so after that I stopped seeking out information altogether. But I'm curious where the rest of us stand here, on the precipice.


Please feel free to deliberate upon your
emotional landscape here in the comments.


dashdog said...

WHY do they keep remaking these movies? I loved the Freddy movies but I'm no longer the demographic they're aiming for. I was so disappointed that the Nightmare trailer showed scenes plucked and imitated from the original and thought, why bother? I get that they can jazz up the effects and gore but where do they draw the line? Looking forward to Splice, though. Maybe too freaked out anticipated The Human Centipede - and, like you, I thought I couldn't be shocked anymore, certainly after a movie like "Martyrs." Centipede sounds like a Cronenberg/SAW/Hostel mash-up and I'm a scared of it!

Izz Carrillo said...

Unnecessary remakes suck.
I'm hoping this one will be at least enjoyable... because Friday the 13th was awful. I am looking forward to Splice too. But i'm not into remakes.
let's hope it doesn't stink.

timothy grant said...

I've been on the side of not paying any attention to it. I did succumb to watching a 5 minute clip and it seemed to confirm my worst suspicions.

Plus the ads indicate that Freddy wasn't guilty of all the child molesting/murdering ... which is the very factor that plays on the audience's latent buried childhood fears.

Which is really lame.

gil mann said...

Dude. It's Platinum Dunes. The only question at this point is where it'll fall on the TCSM--FXIII Continuum of Dunesuck. (from "unnecessary" to "oh, fuck you"). It looks like it'll be closer to TCSM, a remake that manages to be overly faithful to the original while still missing the point by a mile.

I mean, c'mon, if you can do that "falling up" thing in the first kill scene without having to go practical, then it's just not awesome anymore. People fly in every other fuckin' movie, think up something new.

In PD's preemptive defense, I don't think any studio could be trusted not to screw up Nancy (THE most underrated final girl) but I bet they'll be particularly egregious about it. Oh, sure, they probably kept the scene where she fills a lightbulb with gunpowder, but now it's all porny, I bet.

This has been another edition of "Strident Views on Things I've Seen Like Three Seconds of."

Hugh Man said...

lalalalalaa. It's going to be good. Why? because so many of them are so bad I don't care! It's new! bright! shiny! HD! wheee! taste goes out the window!