Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Happy Megan Fox Media Blackout Day!

Electronic Cerebrectomy just reminded me of this silly non-stunt and as usual what Aaron has to say on it is on point - even though he hates Fox and I've, well, I've admitted to harboring a strange I-can't-totally-comprehend-it like for the lady - but in this ridiculous day's non-honor, here's some Megan Fox news! Precisely, it's a new shot from Jennifer's Body, her horror film written by Diablo Cody (via):

And as long as I've brought up Cody, I've got something to say that I've been meaning to say this week: I think I might just love Diablo Cody. I liked Juno quite a bit... although I don't think she so much deserved that Oscar... it all - her, the film itself - got over-hyped. But then the backlash, especially against Cody, got way out of hand. Anyway, then this past weekend I finished the first season of The United States of Tara (which got fucking great as it steam-rolled along), and I read the cover-story/interview with her in Bust magazine and man... she's just cool. I dig her. So now that I've completely brushed the backlash out of my hair I'm reminded of that fact, is all. I am on Team Diablo, and I hope Jennifer's Body kicks all kinds of ass.

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Glenn said...

Did you see her with Stan Lee on the red carpet of some event? She was quite adorable.