Friday, April 17, 2009

Remember What I Said Yesterday?

About how I'd keep methodically posting every image of Hugh Jackman in his wolf-beater as they trickle in no matter how slowly they come or how obsessively deranged it makes me seem? Yeah.

Via JJ, where they've also got this quote from the issue's interview with Hugh on how he likes to have hot sweaty dirty gay sex with other men:

“I’ll never forget kissing a guy on stage and someone from the crowd shouting, ‘Don’t do it, Wolverine! I don’t waste time or energy with it. I think there’s far too much importance placed on people’s sexuality anyway. I love sex; it’s great, but it’s not the measure of love or a relationship. And whether you like girls or boys, whether you like the light on or off: Who cares? I always find sexuality one of the least interesting things about a person.”
I mean, that is what he said, right? That's what I heard anyway. Hot sweaty dirty gay sex with other men - stars are just like us!


Anonymous said...

What's up with Hugh's hair?

Ross said...

Looks suspiciously like Cameron Diaz's hair from There's Something About Mary! Perhaps Liev Schreiber lent him some "gel."

Hugh Man said...

Sounds like a blatant admission to wantin' some bub to me.