Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quote of the Day

I'm always digging my bud Sean's takes on each week's new episode of Lost, but I have to shout out a hearty hear-hear to this bit about last night's episode, which I thought too:

"The Ewoks do not suck. "The Ewoks suck" is the kind of thing Star Wars nerds who are insecure about being Star Wars nerds and feel like they have to be tough guys about it--the worst, most insufferable kind of Star Wars nerds--say in lieu of whipping their dicks out and measuring them and yelling "see?!?!" The Ewoks are awesome. They look like teddy bears and fight like the Viet Cong. If given the choice between living among humans for the rest of my life and living among Ewoks, the choice would be it's not even a choice. Ewoks every time. What I'm saying is that the Ewoks are better than you."

Damn straight.


Joe Reid said...

At last the TRUTH.

Jason Adams said...

Exactly. Shut down the world, we're done here!