Monday, February 09, 2009

To Prove I Was Actually At ComiCon

I didn't take many pictures at ComiCon, because I hate shoving my camera in people's faces, even when they've spent hours dressing themselves up specifically in order to be photographed by herds of strangers. I just feel weird about it, even when I should not. I have issues. Also, I am a crappy photographer. But I did take a few, so here are a couple that highlight Shit I Did.

That's Joss on the left and a blurry faceless Tahmoh Penikett on the right. This picture is of the two of them on the big projection screen since I had a crappy seat because I bailed when I saw the line was too long, then saw them letting stragglers in at the last minute and ran inside. I saw the fifteen minutes or so of Dollhouse footage they screened, and it rocked. Tahmoh did not strip for the audience though and I found that seriously disappointing. Who are these idiots on the microphone, not telling Tahmoh to take his clothes off? GOD. I guess we'll just have to wait for his boxing sequence.

I got a better seat for the Fringe panel that immediately followed the Dollhouse one but I didn't take any pictures there. The whole cast was there and they seemed to adore each other and to be having the time of their life, though. Anna Torv got hit on by some dweeb with a mind-reading hat; thankfully her co-star slash husband wasn't around to pummel the cheeky nerd.

Clockwise top-to-bottom that'd be the Faker He-Man statue greeting us all at the entrance; a boy dressed as a Pokemon; the actor Jeremy Renner; and a dancing human-sized Ugly Doll.

And finally, I edited myself out of this picture I had taken with Dead Like Me star Ellen Muth - that's my collar to the left - because it was quite possibly the worst picture of me that has ever been taken in all of my life. Ellen is crazy tiny and I am not crazy tiny and I was doing this on the run and it added up to me looking like this enormous fleshy beast stomping on top of her. Sigh. She was sweet though. The Dead Like Me movie comes straight to DVD February 17th! The producer of the film mentioned this at the movie's panel so many times it's burned into my memory for life. I could've had my picture taken with Callum Blue too but his cuteness intimidated me.


André Mans said...

i always read your amazing blog!
crazy for dead like me!!!
couting days...

greetings from Brazil!!

Anonymous said...

Dead Like Me is a great TV show, but the movie is WTFBBQ-bad.

Usually I'll sit through anything just to watch Henry Ian Cusick, but not even his considerable charms could save this long-awaited but very disappointing big-screen (wait, no...still small-screen) continuation of the series.