Monday, February 16, 2009

Pic of the Day

I was off doing some internet bouncing just now (who'd have thought that a holiday would lead to an impossibly slow day at my office) and stumbled, through a series of happenstances (otherwise known as "links") upon this site called Slasher Speak, which I have never been to before (that may or may not prove me a moron, I don't know... really, me being a moron proves me being a moron, so that's that). Anyway, I like this site. And why do I like this site? Primarily because on first inspection one of the first things I found on this site was an image of Tom effin' McBride, aka Mark from Friday the 13th Part 2, aka the guy I can't seem to stop mentioning this week, behind the scenes on the set of Friday the 13th Part 2:

Oh Tom... it's almost to the point where McBride is gonna get his own tag here at MNPP. If only I can find more, more McBride-filled goodness! Must find!


StinkyLulu said...

The thing about that post that blew my mind was the mentions that McBride died in 1995. Of the dreaded 4-letter word. Which means that he most likely was...well, you know.

If I had known that when I first fell in swoon with him in 1982, my fevered imaginings would have been...well, you know.

Jason Adams said...

Stinky, McBride made a documentary called Life and Death on the A-List; says here:

"In 1995, while he was dying of AIDS, Tom McBride made a documentary called Life and Death on the A List. The A-List spoken of here is that group of gay men in large cities who are desired because of their handsomeness, their buffed body, and their celebrity. In the film, Tom says he was on the Manhattan A-List for 1984-94. This documentary ends with Tom's family by his bedside as he makes his final comments about the AIDS epidemic in America."

Anonymous said...

Dude was hot. I totally wanted to sit on his lap after watching that flick.