Thursday, November 13, 2008

Me My Mo Mue... Hugh


So I just posted a call to arms for hypothetical endings for Baz Luhrmann's Australia over at The Film Experience, since Baz appears to be unable to finish the film himself, and I stumbled upon the above picture of Hugh Jackman while posting said post, and felt twas my duty to bring the shot over here to share as well.

Because goddamn.


Kristine said...

I met him. I don't have anything else to say about your post...I just like telling people that I met him every chance I get. =)

JA said...

You're succeeded in awaking my green-eyed-monster. So details! How'd it happen? Was he as charming as he seems? Is he tall or short? Did you cup his ass and whisper vulgarities in his ear?

Sibia Marie said...

When he was on Broadway I waited with a friend outside the stage door for HOURS just to catch a glimpse and get an autograph. We even videotaped it! I have to say that it was well worth the wait. He was tall, surprisingly thin and sweaty after being on stage for a couple hours. sigh.

Kristine said...

Yep, mine was a stage door encounter too. (Oddly enough, Lea Thompson showed up as well, and she wasn't even in the show.) I touched his hand, but nothing else (security, you know). He's tall and super charming. Very sweet. He was definitely sweaty, but I think that just made him sexier.