Monday, October 27, 2008

I Am Link

--- Down That Rabbit's Hole - There's been some interesting casting announcements for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland flick - specifically, Crispin Glover joined the cast as the Knave of Hearts (aka the dude that's put on trial by the Queen of Hearts), Christopher Lee in an "undisclosed" role, and Alan Rickman as the caterpillar (via)! I think that just sounds truly delightful - a triumvirate of lovable freaks, no?

--- More to come on the Swedish vampire flick Let the Right One In later today (hopefully), but for now here's an interview with the film's director Tomas Alfredson at AICN. I'd say he's one to pay attention to.

--- I Dismember Harry - There's a new International trailer for the sixth Harry Potter flick up (via Cinematical) and... well I'm just not in the mood right now. Yes, it's small-minded and ridiculous to still be holding a grudge that the studio moved the movie to next Summer from its perch this Fall... but I am. I imagine the bitter taste will have left me by next year. But I hate you right now, Warner Brothers, so leave me alone, and don't rub this shit in with new trailers for fuck's sake.

--- Now the rumor is that George Clooney will star opposite Naomi Watts in The Birds remake (as surrogates to original stars Rod Taylor and Tippi Hedren, of course)... this just seems a little A-list to me for a remake nobody wants to see happen except people with too much money and too little imagination. How about Catherine Zeta Jones takes the Suzanne Pleshette role? (retch)

--- And finally, The Simpsons want to eat your brains! (And through my wallet.) But no Maggie?


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