Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Have A Confession To Make

I just now realized whilst in the middle of something that the something I was in the middle of was weird, in a funny way, and figured y'all might find it humorous.

I know I've shared before that whilst I am here at work I don't ever watch anything with sound. I could hook up ear-phones but I need to listen for my phone to ring, and I can't turn up the speakers because my office is normally kept very quiet. Anyway, point being, no sound for me, boo hoo.

So today, io9 has a pair of interesting, albeit brief, interviews up with people involved with the approaching televisual juggernaut Dollhouse - the first interview is with Joss Whedon himself, which the interviewer was nice enough to transcribe, so I got to know what the video was saying without having sound. Yay!

The second interview is with Tahmoh Penikett, BSG-stud, Dollhouse-stud-to-be, and the interviewer wrote down the basic gist of what Tahmoh says, even if it isn't as perfectly transcribed as the Joss one was.

But here's where the thing that I was doing that prompted this post occurred: I went ahead and watched the Tahmoh videos anyway, without any sound, just to watch him talk. I mean, just to watch the way his face moved and to stare at the way he smiled and was just all around adorable.

And then I felt weird.

And then I wrote this post. And I felt weird again. Right now.

So now you have all been caught up on the state of my life. Carry on.

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Honestly, I really think it's time that you give Tahmoh his own label. We all know it's time. The staring at him all the time... it's the least you could do.