Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Too Much Pretty! Cannot Compute! Grak!


Sorry for that post title, I think my previous post has given me a severe case of robot-brain. Anyway, look at those pictures (via here) of Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel together and tell me that your eyes don't dribble down your face into a puddle of sweat and sex and sex lotion and melted candle-wax and Barry White CDs. Swoon.

They're filming that rom-com When In Rome (about Kristen's penny-in-the-love-fountain curse or whatever) that will hopefully lead Miss Bell to more career opportunities... perhaps even interesting ones. Cuz that gal deserves super-stardom! And Josh... well I might get arrested if I describe the things Josh deserves; they're possibly illegal in a bunch of states. But he'd enjoy it. Oh yes he would!


Anonymous said...

She needs to watch what they put her in, her petite frame can get a bit Rippa in certain shots

Jason Adams said...

Wha? I assume you mean scary-thin, over-tanned, tiny and wizened, since you're invoking the dreaded name Ripa, but I think K-Bell looks lovely in these pictures.