Monday, October 29, 2007

I Am Monday's Fright-Week Link

Well, Halloween's just two shopping days away, and if you didn't get your scare on over the weekend here are some links that'll maybe get you in the mood.

--- The latest Horror Roundtable at The Horror Blog asked us to describe our worst Halloween costumes. Mine comes from the not-too-distant past, and taught me a valuable lesson on how alcohol consumption and make-up application should not go hand in hand.

--- Joe continues his horror-gorge at Low Resolution with viewings of some of the finest scare-flicks around, including Halloween, Evil Dead 2, and (yeah, I said it) Final Destination 2.... speaking of the latter, his description of the edits that SciFi did to the movie for television pains me to the core of my very being. I'm so forcing you to watch it again on DVD, Joe!

--- Reverse Shot reviews one of my favorite scary-ish movies, Paperhouse, and it's nice to see it get some credit for being as fine a flick as a flick can be outside of the usual places. (via Sean)

--- Aaron at Electronic Cerebrectomy made one of the finer posts on "The Movies That Scared Me" that I've seen - I especially enjoyed his list because of all the non-traditional choices, from Pinnochio to Robocop. All terrific.

--- If you've been feeling the itch to do The Monster Mash this week, head over to Penny Dreadful, where there's the Spooky Song Mix to end all Spooky Song Mixes available for free download.

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