Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I Am Link

Morning, everybody! First off, y'all should head on over to The Film Experience and welcome Nat back from his extended weekend; I, as always, appreciated the opportunity to guest-host TFE for a couple of days.

--- Speaking of, I did a wee post there on Monday about the death of Ingmar Bergman but for an extensive link-apalooza check out this post at Cinematical which does a great job rounding up different reactions from round the net. Have to admit one of the first people I thought of when I heard the news was Woody Allen, too, and the Roger Ebert article made me tear up.

--- Rampage! I don't remember where I read someone jokingly theorizing that this JJ Abrams "Cloverfield" project could be a live-action version of the old video-game Rampage! but that idea makes me geekily gleeful. I ought to be ashamed, but I am not. Anyway, point, AICN's got another version of the poster (it says "Furious") and some spy-taken snapshots of shooting going down here in NYC. Wish I'd stumbled upon that set, dammit; guess I should leave the house now and then?

--- It's raining machine-gun legs - ONTD has got the cover-art for the seperate DVDs of Grindhouse - Death Proof and Planet Terror - I don't think I can hold off on buying them for the inevitable ultra-super-special-edition set that will eventually be released, but I hate that they're coming out a month apart... DP on 9/18 and PT on 10/16.

--- Ch-Ch-Ch Hunh-Hunh-Hunh - More rumor-mongering (via DH) on whether there will be a remake of Friday the 13th made or not - I posted on the rumors way back when - this time from the lil' known source of Variety; seems it probably depends on how Rob Zombie's Halloween does. All that matters to me is Patricia Clarkson really for real gets to play Mrs. Voorhees like had been rumored before, cuz that is awesomeness personified.


Yaseen Ali said...

Oh wow, the cover art for those Grindhouse titles are so hot! (Although I will only be picking up Planet Terror.)

Any news on the fake trailers? Or will we forever have to head to YouTube to access them?

Jason Adams said...

Can't find anything on the fake trailers; I'm assuming that sometime in the future we''ll get a big set that'll put the movies together and have the trailers in between to recreate the original experience, but for now I'm guessing we're s.o.l.

J.D. said...

Maybe when the evil is dead we'll get it. So... :SOMEONEKILLHARVEY!!!!!!!!:

Anonymous said...

I would actually see the remake of Friday the 13th if it meant getting to see Patricia Clarkson carve up CW cast offs.

Ross said...

I love Patricia Clarkson, but my dream casting for Mrs. Vorhees would be Glenn Close.

I'm actually not too sad about Grindhouse, as I was planning on picking up the beefed up separate versions anyways.

Glenn Dunks said...

And neither films have even been released here yet! *holds back mental breakdown for another day*


Also, Clarkson's already played a villain in a horror flick (The Woods) and it didn't turn out that well, but the idea of Clarkson being in the Friday the 13 franchise is just amazing.

Jason Adams said...

Glenn - The Woods was by no means great, but I don't think it was awful either; and Clarkson, I thought, was - as usual - terrific. I salivate at the thought of her playing Mrs. Voorhees... but I have to wonder, everybody knows (thanks Scream!) Mrs. Voorhees is the killer in the first one; in a remake how do you deal with that? Will Jason somehow infiltrate the story, I wonder?