Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm Sold


Apparently writer-director John August put some clips from his new film The Nines up on YouTube himself, as part of his duties last Friday guest-blogging at EW's Popwatch blog, and the below one is all it took to get my ticket purchased:

Yes, Ryan Reynolds without a shirt on is honestly all it takes. Word is supposed to be very good on the film itself, though, but it seems like the film's something to try and be very unspoiled about -sounds as if there's some rugs being pulled out from under you, story-wise - so I'm staying away from reading or looking at too much. Except for a half-naked Ryan Reynolds, because that's something one cannot possibly overdose on.

(via As Little As Possible)


Anonymous said...

You will never stop be immeasurably awesome, will you?

Unknown said...

That's funny, a shirtless Ryan Reynolds has always gotten me to buy tickets too (blasted Amityville remake)