Monday, April 30, 2007

Sarah Polley Is My Hero

I was going to start this off by saying I want to be Sarah Polley when I grow up, but then I read that she's 28 years old and basically I've had heart failure and have been moved into an old folk's home and they only let us use the computer for 15 minutes a day here so my commentary will now be slight. Sigh.

Anyway, Sarah Polley is what you would get if you went all Otto Hahn on coolness and split it down into its awesomest core. So y'all should check out this interview in the NY Times if you haven't already. Choice quote:

"I think we have a really hard time culturally with what happens to love after the first year. It is difficult, and it is painful, and it is a letdown,” said Ms. Polley, who married in 2003. “That first year is so much less profound than what happens when you’re actually left with each other and yourself in an honest way. It was interesting to me to make a film about what love looked like after life had gotten in the way, and what remained."

Her directorial debut, Away From Her, comes out in limited release this upcoming weekend (I think it's in the new EW where Polley jokes she's planning on wiping the floor with Spider-Man 3 box office-wise) , and judging by the trailer I saw over this past weekend it looks wonderful. If by "wonderful" I mean "terribly sad," and I do. But also just wonderful.

I do hope Polley doesn't quit acting altogether, though. I'd miss her something awful.


Unknown said...

Wow this seems like it might be wonderful. Bravo for Polly. I remember listening to NPR and the commentator mentioned how awful that Daokota-Fanning-gets-raped-movie. Then he said how pleasntly surprised he was at discovering Polly's movie. I think this was at Sundance.


i hope she doesn't quit acting either but this movie is a very good sign that she has a lot to offer as a director, too.

julie christie is AMAZING

Jason Adams said...


More more, I want more info! The bf and I are seeing it Sat afternoon, probs, after Spider-Man... interesting double-feature, that.

Marius said...

Oh, Ja, this post makes me very happy. Yes, Sarah Polley is an amazing person. I just love the woman. For some reason, I identified with her the first moment I saw her on screen. She's intelligent and also has a lot of heart, so to speak. I admire her for not falling victim to the lures of the Hollywood system.