Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Yawn (AKA Dead Inside)

Sorry for the slight and late-to-start posting so far this week... my brain is having a hard time "feeling stimulated" apparently. Nothing's really grabbed my attention, and whilst I should just make something up on my own, I can't seem to focus. I blame the drizzle and the absentee boyfriend and the approaching three-day weekend.

Anyway, this is good to know: my pal Sean reviews the 3rd set of Lord of the Rings DVDs which were released this week, and deems them unworthy. Thank the gods. I was feeling pretty bitter about missing out on something LotR-related, but it sounds like it's not enough to worry about.

What else, what else, what else.... I finished Stephen King's most recent book Cell the other day and enjoyed it. Mostly. It's the first book of King's that I've read that was released in, say, the past fifteen years, so I'm not sure how it compares to his more recent work (though I've heard it's much better than anything he's done recently), but compared to classics like The Stand and It, Cell falls short. But it was still a good read, even if it never terrified me like those two books did.

And right now I'm reading Clifford Chase's book Winkie, which is really really terrific, and I can't help but keep picturing a film directed by Michel Gondry while reading it. A teddy bear's life story, told from prison where he's been accused of terrorism. Seriously, Cliff, send this book to Gondry!

Oh, and Winkie appears to have a blog! Awesome.

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