Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Such Ungentlemanly Monkeys!

Two perfectly entertaining action movies starring way more than two perfectly hot men are hitting blu-ray today -- there is Guy Ritchie's The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, which stocks the majority of the hot men (what's new when it comes to Guy Ritchie) and there's Monkey Man, which was written and directed by and stars one Dev Patel, who is as seen above a factory of hotness unto himself within it. I don't think I properly reviewed either of these movies at length when they came out, but they're both good times worth watching and not just to stare at the hunks. But since we're here! Let's make a dumb poll out of staring at the hunks.

Five Frames From ?

What movie is this?

Good Morning, World

I've got a screening this morning, so please allow this lovely photo
of actor Tom Mercier to entertain you until I return. (via)

Monday, June 24, 2024

Pic of the Day

Unlike that massively photoshopped first image of David Corenswet as Superman that we got back in May here is out first image of him in his suit on the set (via), minus all of that over-done image-fuckery, and I like it! I like the big bright red briefs dammit! None of that dusty maroon shit that they kept foisting on us -- Superman's colors should be crayola blue and fire-engine-red. And needless to say Corenswet is looking gorgeous in the facial region. The suit is admittedly a little boxy -- it's not as skintight as what we've gotten used to -- but I am honestly okay with that. It looks like Superman to me and that's all we can hope for. ETA We've gotten some more photos (via) since the one above dropped, so hit the jump and I'll share those...

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

 ... you can learn from:

Triangle of Sadness (2022)

Carl: I love you, you give me fish.

A very happy 28th birthday to Harris Dickinson today! Hard to believe it's been 7 full years since I first saw him in Beach Rats, but he's easily proven himself to be one of the smartest and most capable (and yes hot as hell) actors of his generation in that time. I cannot wait to see what he's got ahead of him. Do make sure you dig deep into our seven years of Dickison archives -- we have been deeply and vigorously swooning this entire time!

Ye Ancient Vampyr Approacheth

It's here! The first teaser trailer for Roberts Eggers' Nosferatu has arrived -- I know it screened alongside The Bikeriders in theaters this past weekend and I was pretty tempted to go just for the trailer and then leave but I'm not that much of a crazy person. Not when it's over 90 degrees outside anyway. But this is my number one most anticipated movie of the rest of the year obviously -- I've been following Eggers' attempts at getting this made ever since I saw The Witch and learned who Robert Eggers was back in 2015 -- and this looks perfect, absolutely perfect. There's a mix of the Muranu's original film, there's some of Herzog going on, and a hefty dash of Francis Ford Coppola I'd say too! 

But I think Eggers is a strong enough filmmaker to make this his own -- it's been his dream project since even before I knew who he was, after all. And he's got a maniacally sexy cast on hand with Bill Skarsgård, Nicholas Hoult, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Lily Rose-Depp, and Willem Dafoe. This teaser is just under two minutes long and doesn't give much away save our first proper looks at many of the characters in movement -- except notably there is no direct look at Skarsgård's titular vamp. They be saving him! Anyway I won't be watching or posting any more trailers after this so enjoy this while you got it:

Nosferatu us out, hilariously, on Christmas Day! How merry!

ETA they also just dropped this new image of Nichols Hoult and Aaron Taylor-Johnson looking goddamned spiffy (click to embiggen)

Five Frames From ?

What movie is this?

I'll Show You My Kindness If You Show Me Yours

In case you missed this on my socials over the weekend here is my review of Yorgos Lanthimos' latest Kinds of Kindness over at Pajiba -- or, if you listen to the people leaving comments there, not review. Just a collection of words I guess because I didn't say "Gawrsh I liked the score" or some shit. I know, I know -- I shouldn't even be reading comments on the other bigger sites I write for, much less letting them stick in my craw like this. But I worked especially hard on this review and I was extremely pleased with and excited by what I wrote, and then it kinda got met with a vacuum of silence and I've been feeling a bit frustrated about it all weekend. Newsflash: sometimes the internet can be frustrating! Who knew? Anyway I'll try to care less about what I write in the future and just plop out a bunch of poster-prepped exclamations. "Emma Stone is the actress of her generation!" There do I get a goddamned cookie now? (Thank goodness I have this very private website where I can rant like a whiny little bitch and nobody will notice, right?)

Good Morning, World

And here comes Claybourne Elder to make this heatwave of a 
June Monday just a little bit hotter. Thanks, Clay! (via)

Thursday, June 20, 2024

RIP Donald Sutherland

Extremely saddened to hear about the passing of Donald Sutherland, one of my all-time favorite actors and easily my favorite of the 1970s group that is (was) still around and kicking. Brilliant in absolutely every single thing I ever watched him in -- go watch Six Degrees of Separation (my personal fave) or Klute or Don't Look Now (or maybe that one is) or MASH or Invasion of the Body Snatchers (or maybe that one is) or hell his every scene in the Hunger Games movies. He was legit incapable of not spinning gold. He is far and away the best thing happening in Ordinary People and somehow he got none of the attention for it. In one of the greatest disasters that AMPAS has ever reigned over Sutherland never got a single Oscar nomination -- they finally gave him an Honorary one in 2018 but let's be real the man should've had several statues by then. I am immensely depressed that we will never see him pop up in another scene of some random movie and immediately make whatever nosnense is going on feel believable and true. This one hurts! Please tell me your favorite Sutherland performances and/or moments in the comments! What a loss.

ETA I just read that Sutherland had written a memoir before he passed, and it's set to come out in November! This makes me very happy -- it's like we'll get to spend some more time with him. Click here to pre-order it. I bet the man had some stories to tell!

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Good Morning, World

Have any of you seen Two Hands, the 1999 Heath Ledger movie? I never have but I suddenly feel... inspired to. (Man he is hot in that photo.) The movie is turning 25 in a few days so the time seems right. I should do a Heath binge actually, there are a lot of his movies I've never seen. I feel like enough times has passed since his death now so it won't be as hard to watch him as it was once.

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... doing Jonathan Bailey's body good.

We're Cuckoo For Coon

If you don't already love Carrie Coon then you're not doing it right. The woman can act, the woman can wear big hats, the woman can opine on the superiority of physical media -- she's got it all, kids! And so we take note when she gets a proper showcase for her talents, and Lake George, a new neo-noir that just premiered at Tribeca, is plenty proper. Here is my review at Pajiba. The film stars her and the terribly underappreciated Shea Whigham and it's a showcase for him too! Two for one, baby. 

Jon Hamm Five Times

Jon Hamm is looking mighty fine for the cover shoot in The Hollywood Reporter this week -- I guess he's gunning for awards attention for his role on Fargo this season? I actually wrote an entire piece at Mashable back in January about how great he was on that, read that here. That dickhead he played really brought out his best work in ages. Indeed the entire theme of this article seems to borrow the center of my piece, which is Jon Hamm should really only play dickheads. It's really where he shines. That said he comes across as perfectly lovely in the chat -- he gives a shout-out to Julio Torres, for goodness' sake. (I also love that it's Emma Stone who told him to keep an eye on Torres -- Stone is proving world-class in sussing out talent early.) Anyway I'm sure you're just here for the photos, so let's do the photos, after the jump...

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Good Morning, World

Comedian and actor -- Fire Island holla -- Joel Kim Booster is scorching up the pages of Out magazine this month, check his interview here. He's mainly talking his Apple series Loot, a show I inexplicably don't watch -- I am sorry, Maya Rudolph, feel free to slap me silly if we ever meet. I'll get to it sometime. Any fans? Anyway it doesn't come up but Joel is featured in a doc about queer comedy called Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution which just dropped on Netflix...

... and that is a thing I have watched, and I can speak of -- it's really great! It presents a wide-ranging history of LGBTQ comedians while managing to be very funny and kinda moving along the way. I saw it during Tribeca and it's not the sort of thing I could write an entire review around (most docs stump me when it comes to writing about them at length tbh) but I was surprised how interesting I found it, and it's well worth a watch. So go check that out. And also, natch, go check out these hot new photos of Joel after the jump...

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

You Can Put Your Beast Within Me, Kit Harington

When was the last time we had a good werewolf movie? My brain isn't coming up with any proper examples. Oh I guess I did kinda love Werewolves Within, but that's really more of a comedy -- I mean one that's properly terrifying. Well I don't know if The Beast Within, the new one starring Jon Snow himself Kit Harington and out on July 26th, will be that one. But... well I do know that Kit looks hella fucking hot in the trailer, and...

... the sight of him naked wearing a dog collar is enough to get me to watch your damn movie. So give the person who made this trailer a raise! The movie -- which was previously titled What Remains of Us but is now confusingly named the same as that silly 1982 werewolf movie even though they appear to have nothing else in common -- is about a little girl realizing her father might have an undisclosed body hair issue, which she obviously finds confusing because his body is normally so perfectly waxed. Still...

... who can blame her for spying? Or any of us for that matter? And seeing as how I consider David Naughton's transformation scene in An American Werewolf in London to be one of the single most erotic scenes in the history of cinema (don't look at me like that!) I plan on spying a lot. Here is the wisely exploitative trailer:

The Beast Within is only in theaters on July 26th -- if you'd like to 
see some more photos and gifs in the meanwhile, hit the jump...

On The Knife's Edge

If you're not familiar with Nnamdi Asomugha yet -- he's a former football player turned actor -- then you are probably gonna wanna go ahead and familiarize yourselves with him right now, because Asomugha has just written and directed his first film (as well as acted the lead) and it's very good! It's called The Knife and it's about the immediate aftermath of a home invasion on a black family -- The Knife just premiered at Tribeca and I just reviewed it at Pajiba, read that right here. The film co-stars Aja Naomi King, Manny Jacinto (in a cop uniform), and Melissa Leo, and I think this one will definitely get some attention down the road -- I found it moving and incredibly tense at times; oh and Leo gives one of her best performances in awhile, too. So keep your eyes out for this one and Asomugha too!

Today's Mood

That about sums it up, Mason Gooding.