Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Darren Criss Is Coming For Us

When I saw there was a new red-band trailer for Ryan Murphy's The Assassination of Gianni Versace series, which premieres tomorrow night on FX, I thought maybe this was where the that "Darren Criss Leaked Bum" image had come from, but no, it's not in here. Oh there's plenty to be had in this new trailer, like Darren leaping around like a flying squirrel in pink underpants for instance...

... but that butt shot ain't from here. I guess some enterprising soul that has a screener (or the actul PR people, most likely) made that happen, bless their hearts. But we do get to see Ricky Martin's buttocks! And lots of Darren, so watch:

Funny thing is without getting into specifics (to protect the innocent, aka myself) I'm actually friends with someone who could have turned up as a character on this show - I don't think he does, but who knows, we will see - so I'm most interested to hear his take on how the show plays it all out. It'll be fascinating to hear the inside scoop, methinks! The other most exciting things I tweeted yesterday...
I have been hoping that Joe Robert Cole (that's his name) would get a big career because London Spy was so wonderful, and this is a step that right way. I loved that show's deeply complicated take on gay relationships - you don't get to see us portrayed that way all that often! I'm hoping for more of the same from this Versace thing, although this is obviously a bit of a different beast. Anyway I made some gifs, of Darren and Ricky Martin's Aforementioned Buttocks, so hit the jump for those...


Anonymous said...

Darren and Ricky AND London Spy? Yup, I’m in.

And I know everyone’s hot for Darren right now, but that shot of Ricky Martin’s 🍑🍑 looks Dieux du Stade hot.

I am here for him 🍑🍑👀

Anonymous said...

You're friends with the actor or the real life person in the Cunanan story?

JA said...

Real life person

Forever1267 said...

That should be fascinating to discuss with him. We hope you can share with us.

Really looking forward to this. Ricky Martin's lovely ass is the cherry on top of this sad, strange story.

Allegra Versace said...

I watched a documentary about this entire sordid incident a few days ago and they really shouldn't have made this show. The OJ thing was great because pre-murder him and Nicole's relationship was escalating to the inevitatble "payoff" and then that amazing circus of a trial happened with all it's misogyny and racism and other very topical (even now) undercurrents.

Andrew Cunanan was such a pathetic piece of shit human that his name shouldn't even be mentioned. This attention starved walking cesspit who would suck a dogs dick if it got him money or attention. Whoring himself out because he was too lazy to contribute to society in any meaningful way, just a parasitic leech feeding off anyone who came his way. A nobody who wished he could be a somebody but the only thing in life he had to offer was a well-lubed anus. Then when his twinky youth dried up and he became bloated and unappealing to the quasi-pederasts who paid his way through his twenties he had a quarter life crisis and realized the quickest way for a nobody in America to become a somebody is through wanton acts of mindless violence.

He killed a friend, he killed a lover, he killed a cemetary caretaker and then when he saw he wasn't getting the level of attention he wanted (he was on the FBI's Most Wanted list at the point) and thought he would murder someone who brought creativity and beauty and inspiration into the world, someone unlike him who actually made the world a better place, someone who changed the world for the better instead of for the worst. He killed someone who was important and respected and beloved and then he broke into someone's houseboat and blew his brains out while wearing denim hotpants like the insignificant shit smear he was. A brilliant bright light snuffed out because Andrew Cuntanan was a fag cliche with low self-esteem.

I would much rather watch a show about Gianni Versace's life and his early years in Milan than seeing this insect venerated by TV's own self-styled "shock jock" Ryan Murphy.

PS.I'm a gay man so I'm allowed to use the word fag.