Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Good Morning, Tony Goldwyn Again

A kind commenter on yesterday's Naked Tony Goldwyn post told us to check out "a Showtime movie he did in 1993" which led me to Love Matters, which I think it the movie of which they spoke (he actually did several sketchy TV movies that year) - the whole thing's uploaded onto YouTube so I was able to grab some stuff but the quality's crap; where are the Criterion collection remasters of shitty 90s made-for-TV skin-flicks? Get your priorities straight, dudes.

There is better nudity in the movie than this scene (and it's below, natch) but I had to start with the scene of Tony naked beside shelves, of course. Of course. Seriously though Tony is playing a total man-whore in this - it appears to be nothing but an excuse for him to walk around naked for 90 minutes while schtupping 90s luminaries like Gina Gershon and Annette O'Toole while Griffin Dunne watches. I don't know. Hit the jump for the whole Tony and nothing but the whole Tony, so help us...

PS those last two might actually be from different 
movies, but I figured I'd share all the same.
You're welcome.


Peggy Sue said...

I honestly don't understand how he wasn't on my top 5 masturbatory fantasies of the 90s

Adam said...

Unf. I was literally just Google Image searching gifs of the horrible VFX in Ghost. Now I feel bad.

This remains one of your funniest gifs ever, though. This movie almost got an Oscar nomination for VFX!!!