Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I Am Link

--- Stage Set - Daniel Craig had said recently that he wanted to get back on the New York stage, and not in a great big expensive show sort of way but in an "actually getting to act his butt off" kind of way (mmm Daniel Craig's butt), and it seems he was being truthful -- he's planning on playing Iago in a new off-Broadway adaptation of William Shakespeare's play Othello in the Spring. (thanks Mac) I love how the NY Post writer keeps framing this story about whether DC will play Iago as queer or not, and then talks a bunch about his muscles. My kinda writer!

--- Big Horror - We celebrated the 20th anniversary of David Fincher's film Seven is our own way, and the folks at Bloody Disgusting chose another - to berate horror fans for their "elitism." I think that might be the only time the word "elitism" has been thrown at horror movie fans! Listen I get the writer's gist and have argued that movies like Seven (and Silence of the Lambs) should clearly be considered as horror movies before myself, but I just found the POV amusing - this is someone deeply steeped in horror culture, to see horror movie fans die-hard commitment to the Friday the 13th movies as "elitism."

--- Bringing Up Baby - The trailer for Sebastian Silva's gloriously dark and funny movie Nasty Baby with Kristen Wiig showed up earlier this week, you can watch it over at The Playlist. And if you missed my review back in June, here is my review. I am dying to see this movie again, I loved it so, I think it's already sneaking its way into my fave pantheon of twisted flicks alongside Chuck and Buck and such. And that's the eye-catching poster to the right, although I kind of wish they'd found a way to incorporate the lead character's art into the poster instead.

--- Spirit Quest - Shooting began yesterday on the second Conjuring movie, which I guess I hadn't been following because I was surprised to see that James Wan is back on directing duties - maybe he can bring along some of his Furious 7 money with him, make the epic possessed doll movie he's been clamoring to make his entire career?

--- C Monsters - I had forgotten that Eli Roth was working on turning the monster prehistoric shark book MEG into a movie until reading this interview with him where he talks about how they will clearly be using CG to create the beast and not just like affixing a unicorn horn to a regular shark and shooting that. (I would watch that movie too, though.) Thing is he uses looking at footage of Ron Howard's CG whale in that Heart of the Sea movie as proof that CG can make underwater creatures look fantastic these days but I seriously have my doubts that any studio's giving Eli Roth, with his track record, the amount of money they give Ron Howard. (PS that picture is of Roth's Green Inferno star Ariel Levy via Eli's Instagram.)

--- I'm A Dancer - We celebrated the 20th anniversary of Paul Verhoeven's film Showgirls in our own way, and the folks at Complex chose another - here's a really fine look at the film's release and reception mainly from the perspective of poor poor Elizabeth Berkley and her career. Ah she's doing fine, and her Nomi is one for the fucking ages, man. (thanks Mac)

--- Un Loving - A bunch of white dudes have been added to the cast of Jeff Nichols' film Loving (probably to play racists), which will detail the true story behind the landmark civil rights case Loving v. Virginia which legalized interracial marriage. We already had Joel Edgerton in the leading man role (and we saw his newly bleached hair for it the other day) and Agents of SHIELD star (slash Dominic Cooper's girlfriend!) Ruth Negga in the leading female role, but joining them will be Michael Shannon, Martin Csokas, and Nick Croll, amongst others. Shannon has of course worked with Nichols several times now on brilliant films like Shotgun Stories and Take Shelter, not to mention the not-yet-released film Midnight Special, which also stars Edgerton and Kirsten Dunst.

--- And Speaking of Kirsten the other day when I bitched about all the hot guys she's been attached to over the years it reminded me that I hadn't had the opportunity to bitch about the same thing with regards to my other favorite guy-nemesis Amanda Seyfried - what's she been up to? What astonishingly hot dude has she been holed up with? Damn her! Anyway she just got cast in the new season of Twin Peaks, of all things - she's got the great big gorgeous eyes of a victimized Lynch girl, for sure.

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