Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Nasty Baby in 200 Words or Less

If we consider any number of indie United Colors of Benetton check-off-all-the-boxes hipster comedies as James Whale's 1931 movie Frankenstein -- and why wouldn't we? -- then Sebastián Silva's new film Nasty Baby is the Bride of Frankenstein to all of them. It is the funny sly horror show; the flip-side that unsettles all their points by scribbling violently outside the lines. It is Girls In Extremis -- it is Hanna Horvath's Hostel. It presents us with a colorblind Brooklyn communist utopian bubble and spends two hours mercilessly coaxing it upon the needle point. It's Fulci posing as Joe Swanberg, slow-mo pushing a woman's eyeball onto the sharpened corner of a Whole Foods container. Nasty Baby is newly inseminated legs flailing in the air in precisely arranged brownstone squalor; it's artisan crumbs being picked out of unkempt beards to be set aside in artfully arranged mason jars for future safe keeping. It's a midnight stoop sale and a stink-bomb and a trail of spattered gore drops leading us like the Goldilocks of Greenpoint to the ultimate gentrification dream -- a fire-pit in a spacious dirt hole; roast mules. It's a whole lot of something, man.


Anonymous said...

So is it good?

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what this movie is about or if it's good or who's in it or what. All I got was 10 clever ways to say "hipster horror."

Jason Adams said...

Clicking on IMDb will tell you who is in it and what the plot is. I don't feel the need to do that.

Anon #1 -- yes, in one word, it is good. In two, very good.

Rob K. said...

Apparently some people can't understand the concept of a conceptual review, a prose-poetry sort of review. I understand, JA. More than that, I feel you, JA. You've totally sold me on this one.

homeslaughter said...

Perfect review. No movie before this has made me feel pandered to,shat upon , stabbed in the eye, and lecherously hugged at the same time.