Thursday, May 14, 2015

Gronk Morning, World

I was scanning through IMDb's list of famous people celebrating birthdays today and for some reason Rob Gronkowski, the football player, was there - I mean I know he's famous but he seems like a weird fit for IMDb. But it seems like every single football player that makes it to the Super Bowl is listed on IMDb? Hell maybe every single football player that ever plays a game on TV is listed on IMDb - not knowing anything about football I neither have the talent nor the inclination to look such a thing up. But hey...

... we're talking about Rob Gronkowski, big beefy Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots, who is turning 26 today. Isn't there something going on with the Patriots in the news right now? I swear I heard something. Hmm. No idea. Oh well. Hey look Rob's naked!

Those balls don't look deflated to me. (I apologize. I know you thought this was a safe space from the bad football puns. I'll do better.) Anyway I have no idea if Gronk had anything to do with that scandal that Tom Brady (pour one out for Tom Brady's exposed jockstrap) is embroiled in, and I really don't care. All i know if I never posted this behind-the-scenes video from his ESPN shoot for their "Body Issue." That's literally ALL I know, in the world. So hit the jump for the video, plus more pics...


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joel65913 said...

He's adorably goofy.