Monday, June 18, 2012

Shia Does Sigur


I think it's safe to say that you could file under "Things I Didn't Expect To See This Morning, Slash Ever" several things from this new Sigur Ros video... like Shia LaBeouf's cock, for instance. But that's hardly the least of it. How about Shia LaBeouf doing a dance routine in a pink fur vest and hosiery, or Shia LaBeouf greedily fellating a sparkling lollipop while being blown down a hallway by gypsies, or Shia in my nanna's silk robe crying and then punching a dead butterfly. Those things all belong on that list. So yeah here's the NSFW video (via): 

After the jump are some NSFW caps of Shia (and lil' Shia):

So... Transformers 4: The Dick Side of Shia's Moon? 


Anonymous said...

(sigh) Love seeing this, but why do I think it's more than just acting and that substance abuse is involved.

Doug said...

Please, let this be the last film of Shia's career.

Jee Jay said...

I've always liked Monsieur LaBoeuf -- maybe because I don't follow a lot of gossip blogs -- but this video looks slightly alarming.

oh well, maybe he is just living The Artistic Life.

JA said...

This here weirdo stoner version of Shia is the version I like the most. I don't really like him in movies, but when he does shit like this I find an appreciation for him.

bheb said...

When I was in school (in DC in the 60's) we would go to films like this at midnight at the Cerberus theaters on Connecticut Ave. Whe thought they were cool. When we grew up we realized they were pretentious clap-trap.